About McGG

MACgamesGURU provides direct download links for games that are free and full versions. It collects and shares the latest and most popular games for you. These games are often free to download.

[ Mission ]

As one of its primary missions, MACgamesGURU shares everything it has collected about great and popular MAC games (including new releases, too)!

A minimum of 2000 games will be needed to fulfill MACgamesGURU’s original mission. Thereafter, the mission will slow down and depend only on new releases.

[ What MACgamesGURU Wants from You ]

  • Donations of materials or money are not accepted.
  • Instead, we would appreciate these four favors:
    1. Encouragement: We intend to be more motivating when we receive simple emails from you, with encouragement, to appreciate what we’ve accomplished.
    2. Share: If you find any useful resource on MACgamesGURU, please share it on your social networks, as this was our original intention when we designed our website.
    3. Feedback: Any shortcomings, broken links and mistakes, please inform us by email or Request for a Game page, we will take actions as soon as possible, so that more people can benefit from it
    4. Backlink: Backlinks to the MACgamesGURU games will help us get more visitors from search engines as well as referral traffic.

[ Different from any Similar Gaming Site]

  • MACgamesGURU has set its goal and missions
  • MACgamesGURU will be closed or permanently archived once it completes its tasks and missions
  • MACgamesGURU unequivocally refuses any kind of donation from anyone
  • Unlike peers, MACgamesGURU doesn’t promote itself, even ask you to subscribe and follow us (as you can see, we’ve even closed our RSS/Feed and won’t publish any social apps’ account)
  • MACgamesGURU has always kept his original intention so that everyone can get benefit equally
  • MACgamesGURU is the only site that will tell you how to block ads even on our own website
  • MACgamesGURU never utilizes others to enrich himself
  • The only thing MACgamesGURU’s interested in is: how to share so many excellent gaming stuff in our repository more efficiently, so that more newbie and powerful gamers can benefit from them